Who we are


The soul and’ the wood, softened, rounded, undulating,matter and’ the stucco with which I create texture, colature, inlays,bas-reliefs, and then color, the gold leaf and silver and copper, and the lands and the warm wax, changing the face of the matter, and confusing the eyes and the feel of the viewer and touches.
This process creates containers, often suspended to lighten the weights, tables,consoles and frames from even hang themselves to muri.A times the soul and’ a simple fabric, framed by wood structures and iron,that once,worked becomes leather or metal plate or something you wanna touch them to understand what and’ done.
Become paneling ', tele, tapestries and huge doors to scorrevoli.Assieme fattoamano exists a small production of castings, silver or matt black, frames aluminum and bronze sculptures or small occasional tables, curved shape that seems to bend in the eyes of the beholder;.